Food Groups
Planning a well-balanced meal is child's play with this wooden play food set. Items from the five food groups--including watermelon, milk, cheese, fish, eggs, and much more--are crafted of solid wood and come with four wooden baskets for sorting and storage.
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Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

Have kids identify each food item (other than condiments) and sort it by basic food group: meat, dairy, grain, or fruits and vegetables. Ask them to place each food group in a different crate.
Have kids identify the colors of each food item, and sort the items by color among the four crates.
Talk to kids about how a balanced meal should include one item from each food group. Ask them to assemble a balanced meal in each basket, then ask them to decide which would be their favorite meal to eat.
Line up 3-4 ingredients. Let kids study them before asking them to close their eyes while you remove one piece. Ask them which piece was removed. Gradually increase the number of ingredients.

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Food Groups

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